Dani Filth’s Tour Blog - Part 3

1st February 2018e.h @013, Tilburg, Holland Another venue favourite. Amazing dressing rooms and backstage today and just a great venue to boot. This was the last show on the European tour with Ne Obliviscaris supporting, and the first on numerable others, though I am a little disappointed by the initial lack of a cooked breakfast (it's usually the rule here) but at least the heavy duty coffee machine is active. A quick shower before they're infected by the masses and then a day of circumnavigating my travel belongings, catching up on emails, the usual shit. The soundcheck is a really good one as the room is perfectly balanced and we bump into one Jamie C from Anathema who also works her

Dani Filth’s Tour Blog - Part 2 (2 of 2)

28th January 2018e.h @C-Club, Berlin, Germany A good venue and breakfast solves all, but not before one o'clock apparently, so Dougal and I go for a walk towards Checkpoint Charlie (which we got to see last time we were here), but end up skulking around a park with a cool memorial to kill the forty minutes or so before we're finally admitted. To the asylum. This venue has caterers on hand all day, so there's little chance of starvation and the dressing rooms are modern and clean, with excellent hot showers. My friend Thomas was supposed to be visiting today, I say supposed as he has apparently fallen foul of the flu, something I seem to recall him using as an excuse the last time we pl

Dani Filth’s Tour Blog - Part 2 (1 of 2)

23rd Jan 2018e.h @ Kwadrat, Kraków, Poland This venue has lost a lot of it's surprise this morning as we've been ruining the toilet and shower for the last twenty four hours, but the club is good despite the back stage being essentially a corridor for changing, catering, eating and living, with a single room adjacent to the stage we've commandeered for the Cradle. The food is really good once again and abundant, but that's the only excuse tying me to the venue with everyone packed into it, so after a hefty bout at the trough, I trundle my stuff back to the upstairs front lounge of the bus, choose a mood-setting cyan glow, stick a soundtrack playlist on and sink into some writing. The tim

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