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Trouble and Their Double Lives

Have you seen our bundles for ‘Trouble And Their Double Lives’? They’re available for pre-order at our Napalm Records store here:

Trouble And Their Double Lives will be available in the following formats:

-2 CD Digisleeve

-2 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl

-2 LP Gatefold Silver Vinyl (European retail only)

-2 LP Gatefold MARBLED Orange Transparent Black w/ Slipmat - Napalm Records Store exclusive (limited to 500 copies)

-2 LP Gatefold GOLD - Napalm Records Store exclusive (limited to 500 copies)

-Deluxe Boxset (incl Wooden Box, 2 - CD Digisleeve, Patch, Pick tin, Earplugs) - Napalm Records Store exclusive (limited to 666 units)

-Digital Album

The two new studio tracks provide a hefty taste of what’s to come on future CRADLE OF FILTH studio releases! “She is a Fire” starts the album with a sinister riff, ominous atmosphere and spine-tingling keys. Dani Filth’s renowned vocal delivery cascades in haunting screams and whispers atop hair-raising guitar leads and unrelenting drums. “Demon Prince Regent” slams in with a wall of sound and grim, blackened guitar leads before reaching a headbanging, bouncing chorus. Dramatic, score-like symphonics encapsulate the melancholic anthem before leading into a speeding solo, proving itself as yet another CRADLE OF FILTH classic to be.

Make sure to grab your copy of this very special addition to the CRADLE OF FILTH canon while they last!


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