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North America:

natalie.camillo [at] napalmrecords [dot] com



lisa.gratzke [at] napalmrecords [dot] com


Are you a retailer interested in buying titles from this band?

For North + South America, Asia, Rest of World, contact
info [at] theoraclemgmt [dot] com

For Europe, contact
info [at] theoraclemgmt
 [dot] de

Please write all messages in English and do not contact about the following:

- Interview requests (this is something to contact Napalm Records about)

- “Please play song X” requests

- “Please play in city/venue X” requests (that is up to the booking agents)ha

- Questions regarding the merchandise shops (there is a contact form on the web shop website for this purpose)

- “You are the best/coolest…” messages (feel free to post these on our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Wall)

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