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The first week of the second leg of the Cryptoriana world tour in the U.S and Canada has been an utmost blast, though the tour did come perilously close to not happening at all due to visa issues (when are there not any visa issues with the U.S?) that saw four members of the band arrive into the country three days into a three day rehearsal situation in LA. This aside, the rest has gone swimmingly. That is until today, as I am writing this in the frost-enshrouded wastes of Montana where the bus has blown a front tyre and we sit here awaiting our fate at the hands of either the elements or the repair truck that has been summoned. Quite literally, we are stranded in the middle of fucking nowhere. Vegas, Anaheim, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and Billings have all been fantastic shows, with an all-improved stage production featuring a massive lighting rig and new costumes, an expanded crew, a virtual smorgasbord of cool new merchandise and more importantly, fantastic crowds, some of which we’ve got to meet prior to the show at our meet-us-and-weep sessions. The bus, when it’s actually mobile, is comfortable, with not one but two bathrooms, a shower (that will never be used for anything other than hanging stage clothes in), an extendable front lounge, a huge fridge, a great driver in Curtis and comfortable bunks, but all at the cost of a tiny back lounge which serves more like a walk-in closet and storeroom for baggage than anything else. Or a reading room for the lost of heart. Still, everything has been running to clockwork thus far and both support bands (Raven Black and Wednesday 13 respectively) have been awesome compatriots on this tour, yet it is still a fledgling outing, so we are still to get totally familiarised and cosy. To round up this first leg, the shows have been superb and busy. Everyone is very happy to be out on the road again in the US,the band have been playing a fucking storm; our humour is rife, black and unimproved; the new members of the crew (Ben, Justin and Steve) are fitting in well and growing ever accustomed to our aforementioned humour; we have met up with plenty of fans, bands and friends alike; foraged through many Wallmarts; witnessed some ungodly hours; watched some real crap on TV, thrown some good shit away and yes, we’ve been to see Captain Marvel, which was ace. Next target: Canadia.

Check out the tour section for all world dates!  Photo by Channing Yazzie  

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