Texas! Unfortunately, Jinjer will not be joining us for these shows due to not receiving their visa in time. We are delighted to announce that Shattered Sun will be joining us instead! 🤘🏻 Statement from Jinjer: “BAD NEWS TEXAS... Sadly we are forced to miss the first three shows of the Cradle Of Filth tour… Although our Visas are approved we are still waiting for the final documents so we can fly out. We´d hoped we would get them today but we didn't… Unfortunately, getting visas for a band like us is not as easy it sounds or as we hoped… We are totally gutted that we can't make it out there yet but it's literally not in our hands right now. We are currently working on rescheduling these Texas shows for later so don't lose hope- you will see us there sooner than later! That's a promise!” Tickets for ALL tour dates: www.cradleoffilth.com/tour 

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