Anabelle - Female Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestration and Lyre


Name: Anabelle 

Birthday: 13th June

Place of Residence: London, UK



Instagram: Anabellexiii

Twitter: @AnabelleXIII

Hobbies: All the music stuff! singing, writing music, playing my lyre. I'm a bit of a nerd: I like to read up on various topics and do research, especially ethnomusicological research. I really enjoy learning new things. I often go down the rabbit hole of documentaries and YouTube series. Above all, I love being a bird mum


Musical Background: Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I come from a rich musical heritage, with my Italian nan and French/Algerian father both playing the music they grew up with and infusing my ears with lots of different sounds. Growing up in London gave me such a full palette of sounds and gigs and bands to draw on, too. I have such a passion to practice and study this weird human behaviour – music – that fills me good tingly feelings.


I’m a classically trained vocalist (mezzo-soprano) with a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master of the Arts Degree in Music (Ethnomusicology). I've been in choirs and school orchestras since I was a small child; I started violin lessons at around age 9 (after I kept fashioning two sticks in the garden as a mock violin to play) and continued lessons into secondary school as well as piano, vocals and composition. Vocals are my main beast and second to this is the modern lyre. I currently also own a folk harp and a kalimba – but those are just for fun! My first 'position' in metal was joining Devilment in 2018, before crossing over the gates of Midian at the end of 2019 to join the Cradle of Filth ranks. I have my own project, Veile, that I've been working in since 2017. Before these, I was a touring chorister and living in the classical realm of operettas and arias alongside contemporary extended/experimental techniques.


Equipment: For live shows, I use my spiffing Roland FA-06 workstation and an sE Electronics V7 microphone. For recording, I use an AT2020 condenser microphone (I also have a trusty SM58 in the wings) with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 as my inferface into Cubase Artist 10.5. For orchestration, I mainly use Project Sam Orchestral Essentials and Spitfire studio strings.


Idols in life and music: I've always been drawn to performance or character rather than to how someone sounds. To name a few influences along the way: Klaus Naomi, Danny Elfman, Salvador Dalí, Line Monty, Nina Hagen, Kate Bush, Simone Kermes, Danny Kaye, Diamanda Galas. The people around me, my friends and family inspire me. Not to mention, Xena the warrior princess was a great role model for me growing well as my own demons, they're very involved in my creative process.


Places you'd like to visit: opens up Atlas The Faroe Islands, the 'Sea of Stars' in the Maldives, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Algeria... (I'll run out of space if I list everywhere). I love travelling and anywhere I can visit would be an awesome experience.


Favourite Food: I have a massive sweet tooth, a dessert parlour is my kryptonite.


Message for the fans: My sincerest thanks for all your support and love. I hope our paths cross on the road soon. In the meantime, follow me on my social media pages. Oh - and stay filthy!