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Competition Winners Announced To Support Us On Our U.K. & E.U. Tour!

The end Is finally nigh! Again!

The competition for bands to support CRADLE OF FILTH on their forthcoming 'Inquisitional Tourture' European campaign has reached its fiery climax. Having listened to each and every band that has been submitted (no shit!), the slightly-deafened guys and ghoul in the band have decided on the following bands for each territory (please see listings below). Singer Dani Filth had this to bellow on the results...

'It's been actually pretty cool to acknowledge the reaction from all these fantastic bands. It was nigh on impossible to choose for some countries, the amount of awesome tracks and videos submitted has been astounding, and further proof that extreme music is flourishing like a vast vascular net all about. It was a really tough call, one that was made by myself, Martin, Daniel, Rich, Ashok and Lindsay diligently, having listened to 370 plus bands and probably a 1000 tracks over the course of the last few weeks. My ears have practically just fallen off! Anyhoo, apologies to all those who didn't claim the coveted slots (ooer!) and a big Hail for submitting their band in the first place! And to the winners... We'll be seeing you out on the field of battle soon! Thank you for (quite literally) supporting the 'Filth, we hope to furnish you all on this upcoming tour...'

The winning entrants have been contacted by Laura via Facebook.

SWEDEN Diabolical FRANCE Benighted Soul SWITZERLAND The Erkonauts FINLAND Frosttide


ITALY Cadaveria UNITED KINGDOM She Must Burn

GERMANY Darkest Horizon

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