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The competition to support Cradle Of Filth on their forthcoming European tour has now culminated.

Guys and ghouls! At last the wait is over, the competition to support Cradle Of Filth on their forthcoming European tour has now culminated. And whilst we wait for the results of the Metal Inquisition (the words of the almighty Piledriver, not ours) here is a list of all the bands that have entered from the various territories... Thank you all for your participation, Your fiends, Cradle Of Filth x x x

AUSTRIA: Beyond Infinity Asphagor Irdorath Vinegar Hill Epsilon Ide Gen Pornthegore

BELGIUM: Innerfire Lemuria Cryptogenic Hexa Mera Saille Resistance Rectal Smegma Herfst Disintegrate Evil Oath Lovelorn Dolls Sisters Of Suffocation Razend

CZECH Lunatic Gods Black Tiger Suffer Age Phoenix in Fire Dead Carnage Circle of Nature Fox Territory Ereley Fastbag Horrible Creatures Thrashing Machine Porta Inferi Vidock Scarlett Avenue Second Side Down to Hell Proximity Tisic let o ráje Kruton Desire for Sorrow Khadaver Sinners Moon Empyrion Legion

DENMARK: Ghost iris Wasted Shadowspawn Defecti Malrun E'nemia Horned Almighty Royal Deceit DownFall Abscission Kil The Messenger

FINLAND: Coraxo Tuhonsiemen Bloodride Curse Upon A Prayer Sinmate Wrathrone ApeX External Status Abnormis Grave Siesta Before The End Of Days Project Silence Gira Soulglass Ominous Corpse Molester Cult Decadent Society Under The Blade Aratic Serpent Sun Whispered God Disease Black Hole Communion Dark Prayer Black .44 Denominate Amoth Cauldron of Hate Painfelt Defy the Exile Whorion Blacktrich Daemonarchia Kruor Satanic Warmaster Cut to Fit Enthrone the unborn Saint of disgrace Plaguebreeder Drearyym Tornado Gian Kausalgia Gladenfold Pale Empress Demonic Death Judge Evil Drive Engraved Winterthroned Amanita Virosa Prospective Reign Hautajaisyö Uhriristi Damnatör MoonstruX Blate Pressure Points Assemble the Chariots My Funeral Pray of North Saturnian Mist Frosttide Saatanan Marionetit Inequity Mørket Sacrilegious Impalement Descents Inthraced Mormânt De Snagov Tomb Of Finland Northern Genocide We Are The Cult From The Void

FRANCE: Hellixxir Akasava Physiology Of Darkness Asylum Pyre Twat Verlies Season Of Tears Project For Bastards Azziard Embrace Your Punishment Benighted Soul Asayton Armageddon Death Squad Temnein Lappalainen Blazing War Machine T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind) Elyose

GERMANY: Nekyia Orchestra Trailer Park Sex Taina The Venture MindPlague Tyson Precipitation Endseeker Morthus Strydegor Valkyr Sariora Pequod Eremic Sariola Nihilation Anthropos Wrath Craving Dead Memory Décembre Noir Bäd Influence Larceny Horrizon Mytherine Nostalgic Burnout Impact Gilgamesh Sundead Neverland In Ashes Inge & Heinz Incordia Helgrindur Straight From Hell KadavriK Mind Nine Ebony Wall Entera Maat Gebrechlichkeit The last Hangmen Entoria Nachtschatten Death Valley Suicide Firtan AbzockerMetal Nephilim Leaderless Revolution The Legion:Ghost Wandar Underest Last Satanic Divine Dying Empire Hydra Eichel Demon Seduction RedgrIn Sasquatch Velvet of Dirt Moon to Ocean Crimson Swan Korben Dallas Circus of Fools Darkest Horizon Hoaxbane Nachtblut Finsterforst Way to Bodhi Ocean of Plague Skelfir Psycodia Sleeping Well Laceration- Warriors Of The Grim And Frostbitten Azurica Unlight Ataraxy Scarnival Dying Gorgeous Lies Abrogation All Will Know

ITALY: Nibiru Hellucination Ægre Pulvis Et Umbra HaddaH Walkyrya Sinezamia Hortus Animae Terrorway A Tear Beyond Point to head Autumn's Rain Relic Mechanical God Creation Lostair Desecrate Marsyas The Fabulous Beard Soman Hellsteps Wonder Vincent Wind Rose ToucHer Kaos IndiA Cyrax Genus Ordinis Dei Neither Saints Nor Madonnas With All The Rage Cadaveria Shadows in Heaven Noveria Empathica Hell's Guardian W.E.B. Darkend E.N.D 81db Manhunt

NORWAY: Ancestral Legacy Incipit Skrømt Mecalimb Motorfinger Atena Draug Cretura Aspherium Shot At Dawn Kong Endolith Atlas In Agony Winter's Wake

POLAND: Nymphill Psychophobia SickNest

SWEDEN: Hyban Draco Diabolical Sanctrum Deathbreed Arreat Summit Nightrage Descend Declension Human Desolation Sterbhaus

SWITZERLAND: The Erkonauts Dark Despair Lotrify Digger Atropas Abinchova Frozen Gate

UK: The Dead XIII Death Valley Scars Vesperia Civil Punk The Antiquity Dead Weight Ignite The Sky "No Guts, No Glory" Sathamel Merciless Terror Voodoo Vegas Deference Krak Krak Vulgate hostile Fifi Larue Escadaia Death Koolaid Hybrid Nightmares Belial The Face of Ruin Army of Walking Corpses Nexilva Die Kur Wraiths King Leviathan Death is at hand Ursus Harmony Disorder Octavius Daemona Annunciation The Five Hundred Circle Spectre Haunting Nowhere Thirteenth Sign Meta-stasis Malignant Germ Infestation Winter's Edge Jedidiah James Volcano X Valafar Go On Dying The Fright Colibra Xerath Valafar Tyran Nexilva Die Kur Edenfall Anti-Clone Hellion Rising Born Zero Days of End De Profundis Hell Puppets The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back Forgotten Remains Dreaded Monkey Orpheum Illusionless We Are Tyrants Trapped Between Plagues Hostile An Empire Will Fall This is Turin Scutum Crux Ethereal Shadow Flag Walk In Coma Stigmatic Chorus The Infernal Sea She Must Burn Tragacanth Martyrium Nox Vorago Formicarius The Konstellation March Of Wolves Beyond Grace Detonator Runes of the Evening

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