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Dani Filth on Total Rock Radio, Friday 15th May.

Everyone's favourite howling mouthpiece Dani Filth appears live and lewd TONIGHT on The Mattcave, nine till midnight GMT (ten till one in the morning CET) on Dani will be chatting about all things Cradle Of Filth, including the new album 'Hammer Of The Witches', upcoming tour plans, fan-chosen set-lists, filming the latest video, the band's recent show in The Philippines, heavy metal 7-a-side soccer matches and hopefully picking some decent tunes. If you'd like to ask Dani a question, you can do so via the Facebook page MattCaveBSR. CRADLE OF FILTH's dark and lustrous video for 'Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych', the first of several tracks taken from the spanking new album, can be witnessed here... ...or you can watch the uncensored version here, if you prefer nipples, that is. ... And don't delay to pre-order the awesome new album ‪‎'Hammer Of The Witches‬' here; A Digito Cognoscitur Leo Matt Mason from The Mattcave and Dani Filth pictured below. Photographed by a photographer.

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