Lindsay Schoolcraft - Narrative vocals


Name: Lindsay Schoolcraft

Birthday: February 26th

Star Sign: Pisces

Places of residence: Oshawa, Canada

Website: Schoolcraft Official Facebook
Twitter: Lindzriot
Instagram: Lindzriot Instagram  
Tumblr (tour blogs): Lindzriot Tumblr

Hobbies: If music isn't all consuming you will find me studying astrology and zodiacs. I'm very into the occult and often follow the star paths and moon cycles because we are more connected to these outer patterns than we think. I also cook some pretty damn good vegan meals too.

Musical background: I've been seriously studying music for 15 years now and it's all I really know how to do. I've played the guitar since I was a child, took up the bass for 6 years in my teens, and then in my early twenties began serious opera and classical piano training. I should still complete some conservatory exams, maybe one day. Oh and I did university for one semester, but quit to join the band. Best worst life decision I ever made. I'm still working on becoming a decent harpist too.

Equipment: Numotion Revo 1 Keyboard and Camac Electric Harp.

Stage wear: Hysteria Machine, Kat Von D Beauty, Hades Footwear, Plastik Wrap.

Idols in Life and Music: Amy Lee, Bjork, Shagrath, Tuomas Holopainen, The Birthday Massacre, Alissa White-Gluz, Morgan Lander, Justine Ethier.

Favorite CoF songs to perform live: Lilith Immaculate, Nymphetamine, Her Ghost In The Fog, Honey and Sulfur, Born In A Burial Gown, Blackest Magick in Practice.

How do you kill time on tour: I usually find myself working on lyrics and melodies while trying to keep song ideas in my head or rough notes on my phone memos while I travel. I often have a good book to read and my sketch book handy at a coffee shop near by. I do enjoy sight seeing and looking for old churches, graveyards, and anything macabre or inspiring from over the ages.

Strangest experience on tour: Not playing in Singapore, but doing a talk show interview instead with the boys in full get up. Same thing happened in Russia once too.

Place you would like to visit, but haven't: Iceland, Egypt, Dubai, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Turkey, Thailand

Your favorite bands: Evanescence, The Birthday Massacre, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Within Temptation, VAST, We Are The Fallen, Bjork, Jack Off Jill, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Portishead, Apocalyptica, The Gathering, Kittie, LEAH, Epica, Delain, Ne Obliviscaris, Eluveitie, Kamelot, Katatonia, Stream of Passion, Broken Iris, Johnny Hollow, Roniit, Saltillo, Two Steps From Hell, E. S. Posthumus

Top albums:
Fallen - Evanescence
Violet - The Birthday Massacre
Dark Passion Play - Nightwish
Vespertine - Bjork
The Silent Force - Within Temptation

You must hear this now:
Batushka - Litourgiya
Myrkyr - M
Oceans of Slumber - Winter

Favorite films:
Repo! The Genetic Opera, Alice In Wonderland, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassis, The Lion King, Suckerpunch, Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geshia, Sleeping Beauty, 10,000 B.C., Anatasia, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Others

Favorite food: Hvmmvs

Message to the fans: Thank you always for your support and see you on the road!


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